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We have dedicated our resources and created solutions that enhance the world of coaching and sports analytics. See what we have to offer.

Smart Desk™️

Smart Desk for Football

Technology is becoming increasingly important in the world of sports analysis and coaching. Our Smart Desk is custom built to focus on interaction between coaches, analysists and players. 

With our Tournament and Seasonal Packages, clubs and organizations both large and small can benefit from the use of a Smart Desk and accompanying support to give your team that extra edge for the big match. 

State of the Art Hardware

With a 4k touchscreen and easily adjustable stand, the Smart Desk is incredibly versatile. Top quality hardware inside the machine ensures any software can be run smoothly, for maximum engagement.

Analysis for Coach & Players

With our packages, teams can watch back their matches and training performances. The adjustable screen means the whole team can get involved with the analysis and coaching, providing an immersive experience.

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Wellbeing Enhancement

Wellbeing Enhancement for Care Homes

The lockdown and stringent restriction measures have had and continue to have a negative impact on a large number of people, affecting their mental and physical health and wellbeing. As a consequence, care home residents and special educational needs pupils in particular continue to suffer the consequences of social distancing and shielding being prevented to meet loved ones and to take part in mood boosting activities that brought so much joy to them. 

Microstrategies has dedicated its resources to enhance wellbeing and health through technology. We have developed unique solutions that bring care home residents closer to their loved ones, while stimulating their minds and occupying their time with interactive games. We have also introduced solutions that bring the joy and experience of going on a school trip to the classroom and that allow pupils to remotely play interactive games with other support bubbles groups whilst on the school premises stimulating their minds and occupying their time.

Sensory Tables

Our experience has proved our Sensory Tables improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the elderly people by encouraging the maintenance of hand eye coordination, motor skills, language and vocabulary practice and problem solving.

Sensory Floors

With the benefit of remote connection and touch less technology, pupils from different support bubble groups can play with each other again whilst on the schools premises.

Wellbeing Panels

The Wellbeing Panel brings care home residents closer to their loved ones with an enhanced communication experience. Thanks to its Windows operating system, the panel is very versatile and can be used for a variety of other house activities such as staff training and parties.

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Temperature Screening with Access Control

We have developed solutions to monitor staff and customers for fevers using infrared non-contact, non-intrusive technology. Our technologies have been already deployed and well received in existing UK businesses.

We are very impressed with Microstrategies Thermal temperature monitoring; it has given our staff and residents an extra feeling of security and wellbeing. Great company & great service!

Ethna Claridge Care Home Regional Manager
Millard House

Being able to monitor every pupil automatically, allow our teachers to focus on education.
It has been well received by parents, pupils & students.

Linda Payne Headmistress
St Joseph’s Primary School


    We offer 2 main pricing options for football.

    Seasonal Package


    Per month for 9 months

    Covers 1 complete football season

    Tournament Package


    One off payment

    Covers 1 match & training session

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