Smart Business Solutions

Microstrategies was founded in 2020 in response to covid-19, the purpose was first to provide solutions to help reduce the risk of infection. With our diverse team of developers and builders , our capabilities served a spectrum of industries and organizations including the care sector and schools.


With the success during the 2020 lockdown, our company grew resulting in many bright individuals joining us including Errol McKeller of the Errol Mckeller Foundation. This partnership led to some amazing work in the care homes improving the safety and wellbeing of the staff and residents. With this addition, it opened the doors of new industries and opportunities. Now the company has evolved to providing football analytics services to football clubs, player agents and international teams.

Football Solutions

For the past year, we have directed our attention onto the football industry to offer accurate game analysis solutions and interactive coaching experiences. Using predictive analytic software, AI technology, tactical analysis and other advanced technologies, we have engineered smart solutions that helps athletes and teams perform to their true potential.


Microstrategies is committed to developing technology that advances player’s performance at all levels. As well as working with some of the biggest teams and organisations in the whole of the sports world.


Your requirements are unique to your situation and that’s why we’ll never initiate a project without a full, free consultation with the Microstrategies team.

Site Survey

Having thoroughly investigated what equipment best matches your needs, and how it can be located for maximum benefit, the site survey will look at durability too.


All our installations, undertaken by our highly experienced engineers are always carried out precisely & efficiently.


Following installation, you will receive an itemised sign-off document, ensuring that we do not leave the site until you are happy with the system.