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Rapid Thermal Imaging and Facial Recognition Module


Facial Recognition Readers

Change communal pin codes, keys and door handles for contactless facial access control.
Face scanners check who you are, not what you have. GDPR compliant algorithms ensure that data is protected.
Swift, effective and secure access control to future-proof your site with our facial recognition systems.

Combine temperature detection with access control

Stop any individual with an elevated skin temperature from accessing your business further. The temperature is logged and the Microstrategies software stops the door opening even if the biometric face template is authorised.
We advise a further checking process that involves a medically certified thermometer away from the wider workforce as part of your range of protective measures.

Make masks mandatory

In environments where masks are required, an option can be set to deny access unless both conditions are met; the user is wearing a mask and has a skin temperature that falls within the normal range.
Contactless palm recognition can then be enabled to ensure only authorised people access your site.

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