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Care Homes Solutions

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Enhancing residents wellbeing and health. Our packages and plans are tailored to suit the needs of our clients.

Sensory Table – 55′
Interactive Toughened glass
Android OS system
Capacitive touch
4k Ultra HD
Multiple Users
Site Audit/Survey
Installation – Fully Fitted
Licensing of Software/Hardware
Web Training
Online training
Chat Box
System Monitoring Usage information
Data Monitoring
Anti virus protection[/su_column]

The Monthly Subscription includes:

Chat Box
On-site Support
On-line Support

Optional service option

(after 24 months)
Software upgrade
Replacement of Hardware within 24hr if unrepairable



The issue

Since the lockdown, visits and group activities abruptly stopped. The lack of activities, such as the balloon games and chair games that used to enhance the residents mental health and wellbeing stopped, negatively impacting mental and physical health. Research has also showed that inactivity and low level of engagement leads to loss of physical functions, social isolations, behaviour symptoms and poor quality of life prompting the need for care homes solutions.

The solution

We have dedicated our resources to enhance the wellbeing and health of Care Home Residents through technology. We have developed unique solutions that bring residents closer to their loved ones, while stimulating their minds and occupying their time with interactive games. These can also be played with other residents in a fun and engaging way.

The health of staff and residents has also become a major issue and we have developed facilities to monitor staff and residents for fevers using infrared non-contact, non-intrusive technology. This creates a barrier to stop disease entering a care home and enabled real time monitoring of residents to ensure constant peace of mind.

Microstrategies has the facility to monitor staff and residents for fevers using infrared non-contact, non-intrusive technology.

Sensory Table

Improve the wellbeing and enhance the experience of care home residents with the latest digital sensory table. Featuring a 4K touch screen size of 55”, the table is versatile and comes pre-loaded with a variety of android sensory games and can be used by up to four residents at a time. The software includes a picture upload feature giving residents the option to share pictures through the table.

Our experience has proved our Sensory Tables improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the elderly people by encouraging the maintenance of hand eye coordination, motor skills, language and vocabulary practice and problem solving.

55” 4K or 4 x 21.5” FHD Easy to clean Touchscreen Up to 4 simultaneous users Picture upload feature Easy to operate

Wellbeing Panel

Improving the wellbeing of care home residents is our goal, one of our products enhances the digital/video phone calls and improves the experience with 55″ inch 4k UHD screen, 4K camera technology, fast and easy to use operating system, this is our ‘Wellbeing Panel’.

With added features such as wireless pointers, keyboards & sound bars the panel is very versatile and can be used for a variety of other house activities such as parties or training sessions.

Thanks to its Windows operating system, the panel is very versatile and can be used for a variety of
other house activities such as staff training and parties.

55” 4K Screen 4K web camera Windows Operating System Pre installed applications Wireless Mouse, Keyboard & Pointer Easy to operate

Our systems have successfully been deployed in care homes in Britain.

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