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Offices and Residential Buildings – Ultimate Track and Trace™


Protecting staff and residents

+ £75/month for the App
The product includes:
– Unlimited number of App users per terminal
– On-Site Set up
– On-Site Training
– On-Line Support
– Licensing of Software
– Chat Support
– ‘How to’ guides


The issue

Post lockdown, strict measures have been placed on our customers prompting the need for offices fever screening. They must wear a mask when they enter a building and scan a QR Code for Track & Trace purposes. All of this is very alien to our customers and visitors.

Ultimately we need to change our environment to enhance and create a more enjoyable experience.

The solution

Microstrategies has the Ultimate Track and Trace™️ solution. Ultimate Track and Trace™️ system combines the benefits of the Access and Management App and our door access control system with fever screening. 

All in One Door Access Control

CUB3D is a infrared non-intrusive temperature screening and building access control system using facial recognition featuring a healthcare grade sensors with accuracy of 0.3ºC degrees Celsius. The system features a QR code entry system that takes visitors and staff member’s temperature and images at the door. If a visitor or staff member shows an elevated temperature or is not wearing a mask (based on the parameters of the system) access to the building is denied and a designated member of staff receives a notification.
The system increases the security of the building by preventing unauthorised access. Building administrators are the only people empowered to add new residents and each resident will only be able to generate temporary access passes to visitors through our App.
Being placed at the forefront of the building, the device also provides on screen advertising space.
CUB3D integrates seamlessly with existing access door systems. It is a cloud based device featuring two connectivity options: WiFi and 4G LTE.

Building access control Fever screening Healthcare grade infrared sensor Face mask wearing detection Advertising Space Face recognition


Our systems have successfully been deployed in office and residential buildings in Britain.

Access and Management App

The CUB3D Access Control System is controlled by the building manager through the Building Access Management Web App. The building manager is the only person empowered to add Residents to the system.
Residents are able to see and communicate through the CUB3D device with the person at the door and to generate temporary visitor passes through a dedicated App.

2 Applications 

Building Access Management Web App

Residents Mobile App (unlimited number of users per terminal)

Visitor pass generator Management App Video and Audio communication Fever screening Easy to use Fully customisable


Our offices fever screening solutions have already been deployed in Britain. Read more.


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