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Protecting shop customers and staff
+ £249 installation

The package includes:
– Fever Screening System
– 32″ screen for visual and audio alerts for people not wearing a mask
– On-Site Training
– On-Line Support
– Licensing of Software
– Chat Support
– ‘How to’ guides



The issue

Post lockdown, strict measures have been placed on our customers prompting the need for retail fever screening solutions. They must wear a mask when they enter a building and adhere to social distancing rules. When customers visit shops in the current climate, they want minimal contact and to feel secure in the knowledge that their fellow shoppers and retail staff are healthy too.

Ultimately we need to change our environment to enhance and create a more enjoyable experience.

The solution

Microstrategies has dedicated its resources to enhance the protect shop visitors and staff through technology. We have developed the facility to monitor visitors and staff for fevers using infrared non-contact, non-intrusive technology.

Fever Screening System

Our fever screening cameras feature a healthcare grade non-contact, non-intrusive infrared sensors for accuracy within 0.3ºC and takes multiple temperature readings at the same time for ongoing monitoring of customers whilst they are on the premises, entrances and exits. If a customer starts to display an elevated body temperature, the system captures an image of the customer and informs a designated member of staff. When a customer tries to enter the building and they are not wearing a mask, an audible message will alert them to wear a mask, removing the confrontational situation of their members of staff asking their customer to put a mask as they enter.

Fever screening Face mask detection Healthcare grade infrared sensor Up to 30 simultaneous readings Variable focal detection area Contactless


Our retail fever screening solutions have successfully been deployed in shops in Britain. Read more.

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