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Why Temperature Screening?

The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented challenge in protecting the public, staff and businesses. it is a fact that an elevated temperature is the most common symptom of Covid-19 with 87.8% of all cases in China reporting the symptom. Temperature screening should always be used as part of a wider plan to control the risk of infection. 

What Temperature Should You Set The System to?

A medical fever is usually defined as a temperature of 38.0°C or higher. In fact, Public Health England have previously defined a Covid-19 fever threshold at 37.8°C. This advice has been recently revised to just " feeling hot to the touch". The accuracy of our screening systems is ±0.3°.

How It Works The Non Contact Temperature Screening?

At Microstrategies we use an intuitive red & green light stop-go system, combined with audio messages to carry out fast and effective temperature screening and make sure the person is wearing a mask. Thank to our advanced thermal imaging and AI technology, non-contact facial temperature measurements are taken as fast as 1 second.

What About The Users Privacy?

We aim to meet all the privacy policy requirements. We don't store any user data.